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Don’t care what ya’ll say, Usher’s ‘No Limit’ is dope

I don’t have Tidal, so I didn’t get to see Usher’s new video for “No Limit” until today, and it’s fire. He tapped the young up and coming dancers Kida The Great, Ayo & Teo, Meechie, Yvng Quan and Mr Hot Spot to join him for a fresh routine for the visuals. That’s a good look from Usher for those young YouTube dancers.

Anyway, Usher has officially moved on from the EDM phase he had a few years ago. Although I didn’t mind it, it became an over-saturated sound when everyone and their grandma were doing it. Folks are saying he’s just jumping on the “trap soul” bandwagon now, but I disagree. I don’t see the song that different from the mid-tempo joints he had on Confessions or 8701. His singing pace is very similar to songs like “That’s What It’s Made For” or “Good Ol Ghetto,” it’s just the current production is a bit more stripped down than previous records.

Even if he was hopping on the latest trend, folks like Bryson Tiller or Tory Lanez are Usher’s sons anyway. Enjoy the video:


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