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We needed Janet’s “Dammn Baby” video

Or at least I needed it. In the moments that I’m still mourning Prince’s death, it’s refreshing to see Janet, another all time favorite artist of mine who I’ve been following ever since I’ve been able to follow music, is still out here working it. Sure, her album, Unbreakable, may not have been the ultimate comeback we hoped for (I liked a lot of it though), but “Dammn Baby” is definitely a stand out track and probably my favorite off the album.

So it’s great to see the video where Janet is in full Janet mode. She dropped it across all her social media accounts last week and it’s been on rotation over here since then. At the time of this writing, she had already surpassed the one million view mark on YouTube in less than a week. Although some fans may be a bit mad that she had to postpone her tour to have a baby, they can’t be mad at Janet dancing with the youngins’ in the back of the video set when she’s turning 50 this year. Not to mention, she looks 20 years younger than that in the video. Watching the video in the aftermath of Prince’s death is cathartic, because while one legend is gone, we still have time to enjoy another. So, check it out again:


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