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Japanese still has the best remix of “Panda” so far

Desiigner’s song “Panda” is still going strong all over the place, which means there’s countless folks out there snatching that beat and doing their own thing over it. From pop stars Karmin (theirs is really dope)  and rapper Uncle Murda to Lil Mama and Lil Kim with Maino. There’s even a folk version of “Panda” from Smith & Thell (which would totally fit in a romantic comedy starring Reese Whitherspoon or an episode of Friends).

But really, I have to give it my Panamanian hermano, Japanese for his cover of the song. Yes, even though his name is Japanese, he’s Panamanian. And in the video he has his own version of a “panda.” While Desiigner’s “panda” is a white BMW X6, it looks like Japanese is rockin’ a  white Nissan 350Z (?) with butterfly doors. Plus the Air Panama private jet in the back.

Check out the video and don’t sleep on the dab!

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