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“Wanted 2 Say” from Samaris might remind you of Bjork

Samaris is a trio from Iceland who, for the past couple of years, has gained some popularity and recognition in their home country. This summer however, the trio will be releasing their first album in English, called Black Lights, and their first single “Wanted 2 Say” is out now.

Not to say that all Icelandic female vocalists sound alike or anything, but the song and vocals really remind me of Bjork. Could just be the accent, but you be the judge. I dig it. The beat has that drum ‘n bass feel from the late ’90s, with some haunting strings slowly playing over it.

An interesting thing about this upcoming project, is that the group says they recorded it last summer Hafnarfjörðu, Iceland during the months of the midnight sun or 24-hours of daylight.

“We were all high as the sky from 24-hour daylight… we work well at night time,” they said. Check out the video:

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