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Hoodboi and ASTR connect for “Closer” and it’s fire


Hoodboi is an LA-based DJ and producer who’s been on the come up in the club scene for the past couple of years. ASTR, one of my favorite recent groups, is a duo out of New York City who makes R&B-inspired electro soul, if that makes sense. They’re dope, for real.

Anyway, Hoodboi remixed ASTR’s single “Activate Me” last year… actually, I’ll let him tell it.

I was hit up by ASTR last year to do a remix for their song Activate Me. The remix ended up being one of my favorite tracks i’d worked on. When they came to LA, we met up and made Closer. I’m happy to finally share this one with you, thanks for listening <3 – Hoodboi

I’m feeling this and I’m looking forward to more collaborations between the two.


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