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Lido channels a bit of Blackstreet for “Crazy”

Lido is a 23-year old producer, drummer, multi-instrumentalist out of Norway who has a love for R&B and dance music and does a pretty good job of putting them together for some groove-ridden jams. For real though, did you see what he did with Banks’ “Drowning” with a full orchestra behind him?

For his latest, he sampled a bit of Blackstreet’s “Don’t Leave Me” for his hook, added some dramatic chords, and came out with a banger. This may have a bit of a Kanye feel to it too production-wise, but give it a listen. It’s still flames. From Lido:

‘Crazy’ is exactly the first impression that I wanted to give people of my album. It’s big and complex but honest and emotional. I wanted to combine all the compelling elements from RnB with the massive power of electronic music. I think that is me in a nutshell.

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