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The (un)official soundtrack to The Art of Organized Noize

Like every other ’90s hip-hop head, I fired up Netflix the moment I heard that The Art of Organized Noize hit the service. The production team behind Outkast, Goodie Mob and the entire Dungeon Family are one of my all-time favorite producers. They helped define and shape the sound of Atlanta hip-hop that sounded unlike anything else that was out at the time.

I remember the first time I heard Outkast’s “Player’s Ball,” I was reading through the credits trying to figure out what old soul records they sampled… Curtis Mayfield? Some obscure Parliament/Funkadelic record? Nope. They didn’t sample anything! They played and sang everything themselves.

Anyway, I loved the documentary and probably could have watch another two hours of stories and behind the scenes footage of them recording some of my favorite music. After it was over, I was inspired to put together a playlist of the music they talked about in the documentary so I started scouring Spotify for those songs as well as some of my favorite Organized Noize-produced joints, including incredibly underrated tracks they did for Xscape.

Check it out:

By the way, that remix for “What About Your Friends” isn’t on Spotify, so here it is from YouTube:


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