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BOSCO & Speakerfoxxx drop “Girls in the Yard” mixtape

This is from the press release, which pretty much sums up this mix:

Lifelong friends and ATL trailblazers BOSCO and Speakerfoxxx have finally joined forces in the studio for Girls In The Yard, a new project presented by Fool’s Gold. With Speakerfoxxx providing a keen DJ’s ear for curation and production, BOSCO lets loose on the mic like never before, taking her love of classic 90s house, hip-hop, R&B and more to a futuristic new level. Girls In The Yard is the shuffle mode dance party of the year.

It’s a mix of known records and original production from Foxxx and BOSCO killin’ it on the vocals. These ladies have excellent chemistry. Check it out:

Girls In The Yard Intro / Revolution
Run Around (Hey! Booty On The Floor)
Acting Up
MYNE (Soft Glas Rework)
PLYGRD (Julia Lewis Remix)
Hot Boyz (REO Rework) / Tweet (Speakerfoxxx Rework)

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